Academic Probation: Commencement

by Aspektz

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    Aspektz x iLL Kidz - Academic Probation: Commencement




released August 2, 2010

Songwriter: C. Morgan



all rights reserved
Track Name: Fresh
So new, so cool
Take it back, the future the old school

Addicted to gettin fresh, Addicted to gettin fresh!
Addicted to gettin fresh, Addicted to gettin fresh!
Addicted to gettin fresh, Addicted to gettin fresh!
Addicted to gettin fresh, Addicted to gettin fresh!

Like baby I'm takin off
Ill be gone for a while
Like shorty I'm taking off
Got that getaway style
Like baby I'm takin off
Ye you know I got nex
Like shorty I'm takin off
Addicted to gettin fresh

Been in bed two weeks, fresh kicking it
Rippin thru catalogs, burnin dead presidents
Got direct connects forget middlemen
(Addicted to getting fresh) even Grandma singing it
Worldwide flow in a custom made suit
Opa, say cheers clink your champagne - flute
Old heads say Aspektz the truth
Cause the Boardroom Bully got the game in a - noose
(Tried to tell em) save your breath, no use
I'm fresh - got your girl tryna squeeze out my juice
Get loose - we don't throw 'bows no more
Shotglass of Nuvo - like ugh forget Goose
We off that, like drizzy and J hov said
Tax time flow every bars goin overheads
Can't front girl you're flyer than the rest
You can be my paul bearer cause I'm fresh to death


So clean from my shades to my socks
Got Shox so fresh that they haven't left the box
Fresh girl, my ex I kinda miss ner
Plus I'm thoro and when you this big, they call you mister
Spending gucci lucci so icy
True Thorobredz wristband match the Nikes
Sabataj puttin glitter on his chick
See so many c notes she gon be sea - sick
My new girl lookin ill in them fittedteds
Til she switch it business caj and get articulate
Armani money but no exchanging
Living my life in XS feels amazin
Put you on notice - I been noticin
You notice me so its mutual baby
Mr Thoro got my feet up on the desk
Screamin whoomp there it is, addicted to gettin fresh, go !

Fresh day and a fresh outlook too
Got a french maid but I'm pretty sure she cooks too
"Common sa va?" like girl you're so special
After the breakfast in bed we'll sip that XO
Feelin swivelled next step I'm getting fresh with you
Better put that little red X on your messenger
Fresh digits tell your ladies
Stop callin a-s-p-e-k-t-z
Fresh start, nope not planting seeds
But that fetti fresh printed, fresh off a money tree
Turn it up let the bassline ricochet
Mr Thoro went ahead and teamed up with Triple A
Spend big tryna slow my momentum
But it seems to happen in crescendo
Vicious loop go again and again
Fresh out rehab addicted to goin in, word
Track Name: I Love Your Style (prod Rich Kidd)
Long hair, blowin in the wind, girl I like that
Top floor no neighbors where we spend the night at
Penthouse, c-notes and Pinot in Reno
Push your buttons til I hit the jackpot, casino
We can hit the strip play the beach for a slow dance
If Trey invented sex baby I invented romance
Alviero Martini bag full of lingerie
Keep your heels on, lose the rest, climb on top of me
Skin like you bathing in caramel and strawberry
Call you Lady Thoro can't stand when you apart from me
I like your flava giiiirl - give it to me all the time
Waitings not my thing treat everyday like Valentines
Girl I love your style, like I really really dig that
Bent over the poker table with your big stacks
Down for my girl she put it down for me
Tierra for my Lady Thoro and a crown for me, I love your style

She got that gucci lucci style
Those prada dollars strech a mile
That fendi fetti make er smile
Gucci lucci style girl I love your style

Gucci lucci status, something bout your fragrance
Eyes like a pair of chandeliers, past radiant
Everything is pancakes and syrup when I'm with ya
But one kiss got my head spinning like a sizla
Spending young money on my girl you da you da best
Feel your heart beat jumping right out cha out cha chest
Writing love notes with a Mont Blanc pen
Know you're thinking he's joking - well - think again
Other girls stressing on hair and their complexion
But not you, you're perfect because of your imperfections
Been a lifetime since I met someone so real
Which is why its so hard putting words to what I feel
All night caress until we watch the sun rise
Fly TDot to LA and watch it rise twice
Down for my girl she put it down for me
Tierra for my Lady Thoro and a crown for me, I love your style

The King of charts, the queen of hearts
It feels so good its jus the start
Got your ex-man texting so why not tell the truth
Say that you're with Mr Thoro what the fuck he gonna do?
Want to be with you but life isn't fair
And I can't lie shorty other women don't compare
So stick around and see
Tiara for my Lady Thoro and a crown for me, I love your style